JL Sage Wand (Amethyst)

JL Sage Wand (Amethyst)

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Prepare to fall in love with your new Jenni Lovette Smudge Wand!  (Patent Pending)


This beautifully handcrafted copper wand holds & secures your sage while you smudge your sacred space. Choose the crystal that attracts what you desire and eventually you'll collect all of them! 


Every wand is OOAK and each crystal is hand picked by Jenni Lovette because exclusivity is life. #JLsmudgewand

The top of your wand is made to expand for your sage. Just gently pull each section open, insert your sage, then give it a few firm squeezes to secure it.

You can begin using your wand as soon as you receive it. Feel free to perform whatever bonding/cleansing/blessing method that you choose. The copper has been polished by hand and all stones/charms have been set with love & good intentions.

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